Food testing laboratory

Cadir Lab has been working in food testing for over 25 years. Our headquarters is in Quargnento, in the province of Alessandria, Piedmont, Italy.

The Society was founded in November 1993, with the contribution of members of the agriculture industry of Alessandria and SATA, as a center for laboratory analysis and consultancy services to promote the competitiveness of agriculture, control and enhance productions.

The great synergy with SATA, an agronomists’ company established in 1986, has contributed to the development of our analytical activity and allowed to reach our current position: a recognized laboratory at national level for food testing, analysis of plant protection product residues and other contaminants to support controls of supply chain.

Today, Cadir Lab operates for all subjects in the agri-food sector: technical equipment multinational companies, farms, processing companies, distribution chains, integrating the analytical services offered with quality evaluations of products, sensory analysis test and determinations oriented towards products enhancement.