The analyzes for the research of plant protection products are carried out according to the principles and specifications of the official test method for the determination of pesticide residues on foodstuffs EN 15662: 2009 – QuEChERS-method, for which Cadir Lab was the first laboratory in Italy to obtain Accredia accreditation

Three different multiresidual solutions are available. The most “lean”, Multiresidual Base LC, provides an analysis with the only technique UPLC-MS / MS.The intermediate solution and far more requested and recommended is our Multiresiduale Full that has more than 500 active ingredients and provides the use of UPLC-MS / MS and GC-MS / MS.Finally it is possible to compose a personalized Multiresidual that next to the determinations present in the Multiresidual Full, contemplates determinations that require different and specific methods we recommend based on the context or requests of the Customer, used above all for products destined to export or for products imported from abroad.