The dithiocarbamates are derivatives of dithiocarbamic acid and belong to the category of nitrogen sulfur compounds.

They are multi-site anticryptogamic agents that act by leaf contact, with the possibility of penetration into the superficial layers.

The European Union has foreseen within the Regulation (CE) n. 396/2005 and its subsequent updates, the maximum levels for the residue “Dithiocarbamates (dithiocarbamates expressed in CS2, including Maneb, Mancozeb, Metiram, Propineb, Thiram and Ziram).” Cadir Lab provides for the determination of Ditoocarbamate Fungicides (residues of dithiocarbamates and thiuram bisulphides) using the official method UNI EN 12396-2: 1999 that the use of a gas chromatography system coupled with a mass spectrometer equipped with head-space autosampler (HS-GC-MS / MS).