The alkaloids are organic substances of vegetable origin having amino groups that give the structure a basic character and endowed with pharmacological effects in relation to the intake even in small doses.

In particular, Atropina and Scopolamina have been investigated by EFSA and the European Union following their discovery in products for Baby Food. Consequently, it has been recommended that member states monitor certain foods such as cereals, gluten-free products, nutritional supplements, teas, herbal infusions, pulses and oilseeds, and that has led to the approval of Regulation (EU) 2016/239 of the 19 February 2016 concerning “the maximum levels of tropane alkaloids in certain cereal-based foods intended for infants and young children”.

Cadir Lab is able to determine: Atropine and Scopolamine (tropane alkaloids) with an internal method that allows to meet the legal limit of 1.0 μg / kg. Nicotine, Matrine and oxymethrin, Senecionin e Scopolammin