Falcarinol is a natural toxin produced by the carrot, red ginseng, ivy, parsley, celery, fennel and parsnip and is used to protect plants from pest attacks by providing soft rot. At high concentrations it is neurotoxic and allergenic (contact allergies), but at the common concentrations present in carrots, it is not only harmless, but also plays several protective roles for health. Many studies show that falcarinol, when taken at low concentrations, such as those found in carrot juice (about 10 mg / l), has anti-tumor, antiproliferative, cell differentiation, anti-inflammatory, antiplatelet, cytotoxic and antibacterial properties.

Cadir Lab is able to determine qualitatively and quantitatively the falcarinol in vegetable matrices using the MIP 69 V01 2018 method with instrumental analysis in UPLC-MSMS at a Quantification Limit of 5 mg / kg.